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* Names highlighted in red are updates to the appendix since the website launched in April 2007 and
the October 2007 publication of, A Maryland Sampling: Girlhood Embroidery 1738-1860.

Ecker Susanna ca. 10 FEB 1802 ca. 1817 Sampler, marking FR/CA FR/CA Unknown
Eddy Mary Ann 7 1806 1813 Sampler, marking, verse Baltimore B&C
Edwards Rosalie Mary Regina 1841 Sampler, marking, verse St. John's Academy, Fredericktown, FR FR? Dealer
Eiselen Sarah 1825-1830 Sampler, architectural, verse, eyeglass gate type Baltimore Baltimore MdHS
Elder Juliana 18 1805 1823 Silk embroidery, architectural, pictorial, St. Joseph's St. Joseph's Academy, Emmitsburg, FR Cambria Co. PA ASJPH
Elgin Jane Elizabeth 10 1835 1845 Sampler, verse, pictorial MO MO Private
Ellicott Ann Brooke 12 14 MAY 1801 1813 Sampler, marking AA/HO AA/HO, Ellicott's Mills MdHS
Ellicott E. (Elizabeth) 12 17 FEB 1787 1798 Sampler, map, A Map of Maryland Baltimore MO MdHS
Ellicott Elizabeth   17 FEB 1787 ca. 1799 Silk embroidery, pastoral Baltimore MO Private
Ellicott Elizabeth   1793 ca. 1803-1810 Silk embroidery, map of England AA or MO AA/HO SSM
Ellicott Rachel 9 11 APR 1816 1825 Sampler, marking MO, Fair Hill (Fair Hill Boarding School) AA/HO, Ellicott's Mills SSM
Ellicott Rachel 11 11 APR 1816 1827 Sampler, marking, verse, Quaker motifs AA/HO or MO AA/HO, Ellicott's Mills SSM
Elliot Jemima 9 1780 1789 Sampler, marking, ligatures BA BA Auction
Englar Eliza 11 07 MAY 1807 1819 Sampler, architectural, verse, Quaker motifs FR/CA, Sams Creek, M. W. Corcoran School FR, Union Bridge area Private
Engler (Englar) Elizabeth 9 16 FEB 1828 1837 Sampler, verse, floral FR/CA CA, Pipe Creek? HSCC
Ensor Cornelia S. ca. 1849 Silk embroidery, memorial Baltimore Private
Evans Catharine Porter 13 OCT 1816 ca. 1825 Sampler, marking, motifs CE? CE, near Rising Sun Private
Evans Sarah 1796 Sampler, marking, motifs Baltimore, Balt---re Private
E. (Evans) S. (Sarah) L. (Louise) 1838 ca. 1850 Sampler, marking CA? CA, Westminster NMAH
Fairbairn Mary 11 1781 1792 Silk embroidery on paper, floral Annapolis Annapolis Private
Falconar Caroline 8 1802 ca. 1810 Sampler, marking Baltimore Baltimore MdHS
Falconar S. (Sarah) ca. 1787 1798 Sampler, map, A Map of Maryland Baltimore Baltimore MdHS
Fenwick Teresia 9 1793 1802 Sampler, verse, Catholic St. Mary's County in Maryland SM, Fenwick Manor B&C
Ferry Mary A. 1834 Sampler, marking, verse, floral, fruit & butterfly group CE or New Castle County, DE CE? HSCC
Fickle Mary 8 30 APR 1793 1801 Sampler, marking FR/CA, Maryland Frederick County Piney Creek FR, Piney Creek Private
Finley Mary C. (Culbertson/Culverson) 16 1814 1830 Silk embroidery, memorial, verse St. Joseph's Academy, Emmitsburg, FR Baltimore Private
Fisher Leila Beveridge 7 1856 1863 Sampler, marking Baltimore Baltimore Private
Fite Eliza 11 1796 1807 Sampler, marking, verse Baltimore Baltimore Private
Fite Rebecca Jane 19 1821 1840 Sampler, architectural Baltimore Baltimore? BMA
Fonerden Martha 12 1776 1788 Sampler, verse, floral, Dresden work Baltimore Baltimore MdHS
Fowler Ann Maria 11 02 JAN 1797 1808 Sampler, marking, verse Baltimore BMA
Franklin Amelia 16 01 DEC 1802 1818 Sampler, verse, pictorial, pastoral WO, Berlin B&C
Franklin Amelia 16 01 DEC 1802 1818 Sampler, verse, pictorial, pastoral WO, Berlin B&C
Franklin Eliza Ann 10 1807 1817 Sampler, marking FR/CA, Franklinville District FR/CA, Franklinville District HSCC
Franklin Eliza Ann and LAF 1807 ca. 1817, 1931 Sampler, wool work, marking, scattered motifs FR/CA, Franklinville. Md. FR/CA, Franklinville District HSCC
Friedenwald Elizabeth 11 (14) 1824 1838 Sampler, architectural Baltimore Baltimore Private
Fulton Eliza A (Ann) ca. 1827 1834 Sampler, verse, floral, fruit & butterfly group CE or New Castle County, DE CE Dealer
Fundenburg Anna 16 1812 1828 Sampler, marking FR?, OH? FR Private
Fundenburg Salome 31 1777 1808 Sampler, marking, Germanic motifs FR FR, "Carmacks Advice" HSFC