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* Names highlighted in red are updates to the appendix since the website launched in April 2007 and
the October 2007 publication of, A Maryland Sampling: Girlhood Embroidery 1738-1860.

O'Donnell Mary 13 01 MAY 1790 1803 Sampler, verse, family record, memorial, George Washington Baltimore City Baltimore City MdHS
Ogle Margaret 14 1776 1791 Sampler, marking, architectural, verse, alphabet border FR FR, Frederick Private
Ogle Mary 13 18 FEB 1786 1799 Sampler, map, The State of Maryland Baltimore FR MdHS
O'Laughlen Maria Catherine 9, 11 1828 1837, 1839 Sampler, marking, verse, pictorial MD, Baltimore? MD MdHS
Orem Elizabeth Sampler, marking, floral TA TA HSTC
Owings Deborah or Hannah or Urath 14/12/10 1792, 1794 or 1796 1806+ Sampler, architectural, family record BA BA, Owings Mills MdHS
Parrott Deborah Cornelia 12 25 JAN 1824 ca. 1836 Sampler, marking TA TA, Easton HSTC
Parrott Louisa Emma 22 JUN 1814 ca. 1824 Sampler, marking, verse, floral TA TA, Easton HSTC
Patterson Ann ca. 1823 1838 Silk embroidery, architectural, pictorial, St. Joseph's & Dubois St. Joseph's Academy, Emmitsburg, FR New York ASJPH
Patterson Josephine A. ca. 1838 ca. 1850 Plushwork, pictorial Baltimore, Academy of the Vsitation [sic] Baltimore Baltimore MdHS
Peirce (attributed) Deborah Ann 06 SEP 1816 ca. 1830 Sampler, Pictorial MO MO Auction
Penn Elizabeth 16 1838 1854 Sampler, marking, architectural, verse FR, Jane Miller's School, Middletown Valley CA HSCC
Perkins Ann Augusta 9 1820 1829 Sampler, marking, verse, pictorial Baltimore KE? Auction
Peters Ann Maria 9 1823 Sampler, architectural, verse FR Baltimore Private
Pets (Petz) Mary (Marie) 9 ca. 1822 1831 Sampler, architectural, verse, eyeglass gate type Baltimore Oblates school (Oblate Sisters of Providence School for Colored Girls) OSP
Phillips Ann Amanda 11 1841 1852 Sampler, marking, wool work, Quaker dating CE CE Private
Picket Eliza 8 1815 1823 Sampler, marking, verse, floral Baltimore Baltimore MdHS
Picket Eliza 10 1815 1825 Sampler, architectural, house Baltimore Baltimore MdHS
Pinkney Ellen 17 SEP 1803 Sampler, marking, verse, floral AA?, Annapolis? Private
Pitt Lucy Ann 1808 ca. 1819 Sampler, marking Baltimore Baltimore Auction
Pitt Sarah Anna 15 07 SEP 1804 1819 Sampler, memorial, verse Baltimore Baltimore Auction
Plummer Elizabeth ca. 1809 1819 Sampler, marking, verse, pictorial, presentation, Quaker motifs FR FR, New Market Private
Poole Narcissa 04 Jan 1834 1848 Sampler, marking, verse, floral FR, Linganore FR, Linganore Private
Pope Elizabeth A. 1830+ Sampler, architectural MD, Baltimore? MdHS
Porter Caterin (Catherine) 9 1763 Sampler, marking, verse CE CE Private
Posey Hester Ann 14 28 DEC 1822 1837 Sampler, verse, family record, memorial to sister Baltimore Baltimore NMAH
Potter Elizabeth 9 1792 1801 Sampler, marking, verse, pictorial Baltimore MdHS
Potter Sarah T., Catherine, or Mary R.C. 18/17/15 1803, 1804, or 1806 1820-1822 Silk embroidery, memorial, pictorial CAR CAR, Potter's Landing HSCC
Potts H. 1799 Sampler, map, The State of Maryland Baltimore?, Alexandria? Alexandria Alexandria VA? MdHS
Poultney Elizabeth 11 02 DEC 1792 1804 Sampler, marking, verse Baltimore Baltimore Dealer
Poultney Lydia 11 25 SEP 1810 1821 Sampler, marking, architectural, eyeglass gate type Baltimore Baltimore Private
Powder Juliann 11 08 OCT 1821 1832 Sampler, floral FR/CA FR/CA, Westminster HSCC
Powell Albina 10 28 OCT 1796 1807 Sampler, marking, verse Baltimore?, H----m School Private
Price Jane Winter 17 MAR 1818 ca. 1833 Sampler, verse, floral CH CH NMAH
Pride Anna B. (Brackenridge) 18-20 03 SEP 1819 1837-1839 Berlin wool work, pictorial, Catholic  St.Josephs Academy, Emmitsburg, FR Pittsburgh, PA SCSH