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* Names highlighted in red are updates to the appendix since the website launched in April 2007 and
the October 2007 publication of, A Maryland Sampling: Girlhood Embroidery 1738-1860.

Ramsey Mary 1823 Sampler, marking, verse, Quaker motifs, alphabet border CE CE DAR
Randal Sarah Ann 13 1815 1828 Sampler, architectural, verse AA, Annapolis AA HHH
Randall Fanny 9 1785 1794 Sampler, marking AA, Annapolis B&C
Rau Ann M (Maria) O (Ophelia) 9 01 OCT 1827 ca. 1836 Sampler, architectural Baltimore Baltimore Private
Rawlings Emily C. 9 ca. 1820 Sampler, architectural, verse, eyeglass gate type Baltimore Baltimore, Fells Point? DAR
Reed Kitty 11 26 DEC 1786 1797 Sampler, marking, verse Baltimore?   Dealer
Reed Mary E. (Elizabeth) A. (Ann) 13 20 NOV 1812 1825 Sampler, verse, pictorial CAR, Greensborough School CAR CCHS
Reese Julian Elizabeth 1812 Sampler, marking, pictorial Baltimore Private
Regester Mary Ann 11 01 APR 1809 1820 Sampler, verse, floral, Quaker style BA? BA Private
Reynolds Hannah Eliz. (Elizabeth) 9 1803 1813 Sampler, marking, architectural, verse, floral, initials M D CE, Port Deposit CE, Port Deposit Private
Rieman Sophia 9 1803 1812 Sampler, marking Baltimore B&C
Riley Nancy 1827 Sampler, architectural Baltimore Baltimore Auction
Robb Mary D. 6 1822 1828 Sampler, architectural, verse, Baltimore Hospital Baltimore Baltimore, Fells Point Auction
Roberts Ann Lewser (Lewfer?) 1829 Sampler, pictorial, floral St. James First African Protestant Episcopal Church School, Baltimore Baltimore? OSP
Roche Flora B.  6 AUG 1861 1867 Sampler, marking Baltimore BA, Towsontown Auction
Rogers Amelia 15 1815 1830 Sampler, marking, floral Baltimore B&C
Rogers H. (Hannah) A. (Ann) Elizabeth 1830 Sampler, marking, verse, fruit and flower HA HA, Havre de Grace Private
Rogers James Anna ca. 1835 Sampler, marking Baltimore MdHS
Rooker Rebecca 1793 ca. 1810 Silk embroidery, pictorial Baltimore Baltimore DAR
Roop Mary 11 ca. 1812 1824 Sampler, marking FR/CA, New Windsor, Catharine M Brawner's school FR/CA, New Windsor Private
Root Ann 18 18 DEC 1797 1816 Sampler, marking FR/CA, Sams Creek FR/CA, near Johnsville HSCC
Root Susannah 1808 ca. 1816 Sampler, marking, Quaker motifs FR/CA, Sams Creek, Margaret Corcorans sch FR/CA, near Johnsville HSCC
Ross Caroline 11 09 MAR 1823 1834 Sampler, marking FR, Frederick Town FR Private
Roushkulp Ann Maria 13 ca. 1813 1826 Sampler, marking, architectural, verse WA WA, Hagerstown Private
Rouskulp Rebecca 9 1825 1834 Sampler, marking WA WA, Hagerstown Private
Routzong Catharine Rachel 8 1840 1848 Sampler, marking, architectural, verse FR, Middletown Valley M D at Jane Miller. school FR Auction
Rudenstein Mary 10 17 Oct 1810 1821 Sampler, architectural, house Baltimore Baltimore Private
Rusk Harriet G.     1843 Silk embroidery, Washington's Family Baltimore, Carmilite [sic] Academy Baltimore? Private
Russell Hariet   ca. 1805 1816 Sampler, architectural, verse, eyeglass gate type Baltimore Baltimore? Private