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Abington Female Academy Harford Co. 1832 See Massey.
Academy for Young Ladies Chestertown
Kent Co.
1820 Mr. Swan operated school; needlework part of curriculum.
Addison, Mrs. Ann Baltimore 1816-24 Assisted by sister in 1824; Taught fine Needle Work, embroidery, Print-work, Net-work, Lace work, Filigree. M22170
Adelphi School Baltimore 1821-22 John W. & Albert, Jr. Picket operated school; engaged an Instructress to teach needlework.
African Academy Baltimore 1823 African American; operated by Henry Jordine; a young lady from England engaged to teach plain and fancy needlework, to mark neatly and the mantua-making business.
Alcock, Elizabeth (Mrs. James) Baltimore 1793-1800 Taught all sorts of needlework, $100 per year. M49437
Allen, Miss Baltimore 1820 Taught with Miss Howell; under direction of Rev. J. Allen and J. Hamilton, Jr.; taught plain and ornamental Needle work, $15 per quarter. M39100, 39101
Aloysius, Sister Mary (Maria Becraft)/ Oblate Sisters of Providence School for Colored Girls Baltimore 1831-33 From Georgetown, DC; taught needlework and embroidery.
Alwick Seminary Laurel
Prince George’s Co.
1852-70+ Quaker; see Tyson.
Baconais, Constance, (Mrs. Louis)/ Young Ladies Academy Baltimore 1803-18 From Paris; previously Philadelphia and Frederick; operated with husband; with Mrs. Decourt 1807-1818; taught sewing and embroidery of all kinds. M1159, 1157
Baltimore Academy of the Visitation Baltimore 1837+ Established by Georgetown Sisters of the Visitation; taught plain and ornamental needlework, tapestry, lacework, beadwork; assoc. needlework: Josephine Patterson - c. 1850
Baltimore Female College Baltimore 1856 Offered Needlework
Banbury, Mrs. Baltimore 1790 From the West-Indies; taught plain Needle-Work, also carried on a business in MANTUAMAKING, SLOP, PLAIN NEEDLE-WORK and NEGRO CLOTHING.
Banks, Sarah Baltimore 1821 Taught needlework.
Bates, Mrs. E. Baltimore 1828 Taught Needle Work, plain and ornamental
Baylis, Mrs. Jane Baltimore 1820 From England; dame school; taught complete Plain Sewing.
Bennett, Mr. E./ Seminary for Females Annapolis
Anne Arundel Co.
1826 Offered Needlework
Benovolent Society School Baltimore 1817-35 For educating and supporting Female Children; Rachel Wetmore sold fancy work done at her seminary at auction in 1817 to benefit Female Benevolent Society orphans. See Wetmore.
Birnie, Misses Margaret, Hester, Rose, Ann, Ellen, and Frances/ Thorndale Seminary for Young Ladies Taneytown
Carroll Co.
1837-72 Operated by the Birnie sisters; assisted by their brother, Roger Birnie; $110 for board and tuition, needlework included in curriculum.
Blackburn, Misses Baltimore 1817 From Charleston, SC; taught at the female institution begun by Samuel K. Jennings; In the intervals of study, such of the scholars as wish it, may be amused with needle work… M17603
Bladensburg Female Seminary/ Bliss, Miss S. A. Bladensburg
Prince George’s Co.
1849 Taught Ornamental Needle-work
Bliss, Miss S. A. Bladensburg
Prince George’s Co.
1849 See Bladensburg Female Seminary
Bonfield, Mrs. and Miss/ Fells Point Academy Fells Point  
1824 Academy operated by Mr. Leek; Mrs. Bonfield and daughter taught Needle Work and Drawing.
Bourne, Mrs. Baltimore 1829 Continues to instruct…different branches of ORNAMENTAL WORK.
Bowen, Mrs. Baltimore 1810-11 Taught Plain Works for Mrs. Curle.
Brawner, Catharine Maria New Windsor
Carroll Co.
1824-39 Assoc. samplers: Eliza Baile 1828, and Mary Roop 1824.
Breidel, Mrs. Hannah Hagerstown
Washington Co.
1832 Taught needlework.
Brenton, Miss Baltimore 1817 Taught composition embroidery, Print-work, Net work, Lace work, Filligree…fine Needle work, marking, fringing, plain sewing. M22169
Bretet, Mrs. Charles/ Bretet School Baltimore 1797 Coed; French; Mrs. Bretet will superintend the young ladies, and teach them Sewing and Embroidering. M3830
Brewer, Miss Susan Baltimore 1825-27 Taught plain and ornamental needlework and Embroidery.
Brooke, Abraham, Lukens, Elizabeth, and Lukens, Hannah/ Drumeldra Boarding School Colesville Montgomery Co. 1831 Plain Needle Work
Brooke Grove Sandy Spring
Montgomery Co.
1822 Quaker; assoc. sampler: E [Elizabeth] Birdsall c. 1822.
Brookeville School Brookeville
Montgomery Co.
1805 Assoc. sampler: Sarah Griffith, 1805.
Brown, Mrs. A. Baltimore 1811 A suitable portion of time devoted to Needle Work, to fit the young Ladies for the occupation of a domestic life.
Browne, Mrs. Sarah Baltimore 1809-14 Formerly Mrs. Sarah Gover; taught the different branches of Needle work both plain and ornamental, together with fillagree. M4163
Brown, Sarah (Mrs. Fulford) Baltimore 1806-11 From England and a pupil of Miss Linwood; taught Embroidery, Tambour, Cotton Work, Rugs, Mats, Chimney and other Fancy Ornaments, Netting, Marking and Plain Sewing. M57766
Bruff, Miss Centreville
Queen Anne’s Co.

In 1820 moved to Baltimore and associated with Miss Burrough until 1821; taught plain Sewing, Sampler Work, Muslin work, Tambore, Embroidery, with other fancy work. M41710, 48829
Bruff, Miss H. M./ Female Seminary Head of Chester
Kent Co.
1830 With E. Roberts taught Plain and Ornamental Needle Work, including Lace and Bead making.
Buchanan, Miss E. Rockville Montgomery Co. 1835
Taught with Miss Stewart at Rockville Female School. Ornamental needlework
Burke, Mrs. Margaret/ Mrs. Burke’s School Baltimore 1816-1833 Assoc. sampler: Sarah Caughy, 1821.
Burny, Mary Baltimore 1784-85 From Philadelphia; taught young ladies to mark and work any kind of Flower or Sprig Work; also all Kinds of Needle Work, in Sampler, or on Linen and Cotton, with all the various kinds Embroidery, which are taught in the Boarding-Schools in Philadelphia. M4892
Burrough, Miss Baltimore  1820-23 See Bruff. M41711