When you give someone a handmade card that you made yourself, it sends a more personal message and a special touch. When someone receives a card that you handmade it will mean more than a card that you bought from a store. Making your own homemade cards also allows you to be creative and design something personalized that you cannot find in stores.

To make a pop up greeting card, you can use index cards or card stock, construction paper, scissors, markers or colored pencils, glue, and rubber stamps. You can fold the card stock or index card in half. You can also use the construction paper as an under-liner by folding a sheet of construction paper the same size as the card stock in half. If you choose to use construction paper as the under-liner, you can use glue to keep it in place inside the card. Using a piece of card stock or index card that measures one inch long, fold it front and then back until it has an “accordion” look to it. Then glue the pop up image you want to the folded one inch strip and glue it to the inside of the card. Then, using the rubber stamps, have fun and decorate the card the way you would like. You can also make a pop up card by folding the card stock and making two slits an inch apart and one inch long in the creased side.

Then, open the card and glue your image to the cut-out rectangle.

When you create your own handmade cards rather than buying them, you can be creative and design it the way you want to fit the special occasion. Not only does it save you money, you can also design it to be personalized for the recipient.

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